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Data Analytics: Introduction to PostgreSQL for Data Science

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The language used to create, manage and query relational databases is SQL, or Structured Query Language. This course will train you in PostgreSQL, the widely used modern variant of SQL. The course is offered through NCLab's learning platform. You will receive an email with login instructions upon registration for the course. You will have access to the course for 6 months from the date of registration. 

The course is self-paced, and you will practice each skill or concept as you go.  Automatic feedback is built into the course for both practices and quizzes.

The course is divided into four Units, and each Unit is composed of five Sections.  Each Section consists of 7 instructional/practice levels, a quiz, and a master (proficiency) level.  You can return to any level or quiz for review.

Unit 1: Introduction to Data, Databases and SQL
Unit 2: SQL Queries
Unit 3: Creating and Managing Tables
Unit 4: Joining Tables

While learning skills in the Data Analytics course, you can practice queries and create portfolio artifacts with NCLab’s PostgreSQL and Python apps. Use a project idea from NCLab or create your own.  NCLab provides several practice databases that can be queried with the PostgreSQL app.
This course is the PostgreSQL Fundamentals course. This will teach you the basics of SQL. There is a separate class for Advanced PostgreSQL. If you complete both courses, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from TMCC. There is also a Data Visualization Course that teaches Python with graphical tools. If you complete all three courses, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for Data Analytics. These are non-credit courses and will not show up on college transcripts. 

Prerequisite(s): No formal prerequisites. Students use basic math and algebra operations, number systems, and data functions such as average and sum. An understanding of coding is helpful but not required.

Here are some common questions with answers asked about the class:
1. When does the class start?
   A: This is an open entry self-paced online class and as soon as we get your Registration and payment complete we can get you started in the class.
2. How long does the class take?
   A: We expect the first class to take between 60 -100 hours depending on your experience level. The second class should take about 30 hours.
3. How much time should I devote to the class?
    A: We recommend 10 or more hours per week so you can keep the class topics fresh in your mind as the concepts build on each other.
4. How long do I have to complete the course?
   A: The course is open to you for six months, but we recommend trying to complete each course in 1 month’s time.

If you have any question please reach out to Heather Maye at or call 775-857-4997.


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